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Concept of the group:

  Corporate group refers to corporate legal person consortium of parent company, subsidiary, joint-stock company and other members with capital as vital connection, parent company and subsidiary as main body and group articles of associations as the common code of conduct. Corporate group does not have enterprise legal person qualification.

Preconditions for the group:

  1. Corporate group shall have a parent company (core enterprise) with registered capital of above RMB50 million and at least five subsidiaries.
2. Registered capital of parent company (core enterprise) and subsidiaries shall be more than RMB100 million Yuan in total.
  3. Parent company (core enterprise) of corporate group shall be registered as a limited liability company or joint stock limited partnership; enterprises owned by the whole people can serve as core enterprise when registering a corporate group, but the registered capital shall be over RMB100 million Yuan.
  4. All group member units have legal person qualification.

Materials to be prepared are as follows:

  1. Corporate Group Registration Statement.
  2. Corporate group articles of association signed by all group members.
  3. Duplicates of business Licenses with respective official stamps, submitted by corporate group members.
  4. Certificate of shareholding or investment of parent company (core enterprise) in group member enterprises.
  5. Joint-stock enterprises and other members only have to submit their business license duplicates with respective official stamps.

  1. Enterprise name (the one approved by the bureau of industry and commerce).
  2. Company articles of association (with personal signatures of all shareholders; with legal person unit stamp if there is any legal person shareholder).
  3. Registered capital (capital verification report).
  4. Shareholder qualification certificate (natural persons submit ID card copy and legal person shareholders submit business license duplicate of the respective unit).
  5. Photo (1) and resume of legal representative.
  6. Enterprise domicile certificate (including tenement agreement and property ownership certificate duplicate).
  7. Approval documents from relevant departments shall be submitted if the business scope involves preapproval-pending items.

  1. Enterprise name (the one approved by the bureau of industry and commerce).
  2. Feasibility research report (original).
  3. Contract and articles of association for cooperative venture (original).
  4. Board member name list, ID cards and legal person photo.
  5. Accreditation letter of board members (original, signed).
  6. Housing use permit for new ventures (including tenement agreement and property ownership certificate duplicate).
  7. Business license of Chinese investor (duplicate with enterprise official stamp).
  8. Subject qualification certificate or identity certificate of foreign investor (duplicate, shall be notarized by local international notary organ and certified by Chinese consulate based in the foreign country. Subject qualification certificate or ID certificate of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan investors shall be submitted with notarial document from local notary organ as legally required).
  9. Credit certificates of investors (original)

  1. Application letters signed by the sending enterprise chairman or general manager (original) (including: name of permanent representative institution, domicile, names of chief representative and representatives, business scope of representative institution, and duration of residence).
  2. Duplicate of legal incorporation certificate issued by the registration organ of the country (region) in which the sending enterprise locates. Hong Kong-based limited liability enterprise shall also submit duplicate of valid business registration certificate issued by Hong Kong tax authority.
  3. Credit certificate issued by financial institutions (original).
  4. Letter of authorization (or letter of accreditation) (original) of chief representative and representatives, and resumes of chief representative and representatives (attached with three photos of each representative). Dispatch letter issued by foreign affairs service agency shall be submitted if any Chinese citizen serves as the chief representative or representative.
  5. Domicile certificate (including tenement agreement and property ownership certificate duplicate).
  6. In addition to the above documents and certificates, those of financial and insurance industries shall also submit asset and profit & loss annual statement, articles of association and board name list.

  1. Duplicates of enterprise business license (three).
  2. Statement with shareholders opinions and signatures.
  3. High-tech enterprise project feasibility research report (including schedule).
  4. Intellectual property right certificate.
  5. Project technical documents (at least one): design book, product description and technical contract.
  6. Basic information sheet of legal representative.
  7. Name list of full-time technical and management staff in high-tech enterprise.
  8. Statement of enterprise talents.
  9. Duplicates of degree certificates (or professional title certificates) of full-time staff (including legal representative).
  10. Duplicate of enterprise articles of association.
  11. Initial registration form of financial statistics

  (1) Subject qualification certificate, i.e. business license duplicate (unit) or ID card duplicate (individual).
  (2) Contact (contact person name, address, telephone number, fax number and postal code etc).
  (3) Eight trademark patterns with the same size as business card (add two black and white manuscripts if the color is designated).
  (4) Commodity category and name for trademark.
  (5) Affix official stamp or sign on application letter and letter of authorization (unit or individual).

  1. English name of the company.
  2. All shareholders (aged above 18) must submit copies of valid ID cards or passports.
  3. If the shareholder is legal person, the legal person must submit business license and legal representative ID card duplicate.
  4. Place of registration (usually provided by us).
  5. Legal secretary of the company (usually provided by us).

Benefits to set up an overseas company:

1. Free selection of name.
2. Rare restrictions on business scope.
3. Low tax environment conducive for development.
4. Less registered capital with no need for capital verification, and you can raise registered capital according to the actual situation.
5. Overseas company can facilitate international market expansion and entry into the Chinese mainland market, easy to gain trust and cooperation opportunities with the foreign cooperative venture.
6. Make use of awareness of overseas company, establish brand and improve your own competitiveness to some extent.

  1. Need to establish Hong Kong limited liability company first (if there isn’t any).
  2. Provide registration certificate and business registration certificate duplicate of the Hong Kong company.
  3. Provide cover and contents of the publication for application.
  4. Provide Chinese, English names and Chinese Pinyin of the publication.
  5. Date of the opening issue, editor and chief editor of the publication.
  6. Publication period (e.g. monthly and semimonthly).
  7. Pricing of publication.

  1. Original passport.
  2. Recently-taken two inch, half-length, bareheaded, full-faced photos.
  3. Duplicate of valid health certificate issued by the health quarantine department and turn in the original for inspection.
  4. Temporary housing registration form of expatriates.
  5. Duplicates of Employment Permit of Aliens, Work Permit for Permanent Foreign Representatives or Foreign Experts Certificate and turn in the originals for inspection.

Assuage anxietires and releave hardships for you!